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Container Freight Station

KSS wields a keen edge to its import and export clients with our state-of-the-art Container Freight Station. Located to advantage at Manali between the Chennai and Ennore ports, our CFS spans 9 acres and houses the latest technology, manned by some of the most capable and experienced personnel in the field.

  • Capacity to accommodate 3000 containers at a time
  • 50000 sq ft of secure covered warehouse space, with 20,000 sq ft more in the pipeline
  • Modern forklifts, cranes and stackers to ensure cargo is handled with precision and care
  • Real time Wi-Fi enabled container position tracking facilities to keep track of their shipment’s progress
  • Linked to the Chennai customs data center via secure leased line with ISDN back up
  • We utilize Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software to help manage operations, billing and accounting more efficiently and systematically.
  • We have provided touchscreen kiosk to help customers track container movement and status of their clearances.
  • This ensures the dual advantage of safe and timely delivery of cargo, as well as elimination of the need to search for containers besides securing and simplifying billing transactions
  • Business center and professional management team to ensure client satisfaction
  • Round the clock security

The CFS Team

The CFS station is manned by an able team of Managers, supervisors, operators and clerical staff besides round the clock security, to ensure both the safe-keep of goods as well as unhindered flow material with clock work precision.

CFS Location

43, Vichur Road,
Andarkuppam Post,
Manali New Town,
Chennai -600 103.
Ph: 044-6616 0100.
email :